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Life Insurance is Inexpensive

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$250,000, 20 Year- Term Life Insurance

Estimated Annual Premium:


Age Male Female
30 $198.00 $170.00
40 $265.00 $233.00
50 $598.00 $470.00

**Based on Preferred Rate, Non-Tobacco User Subject to Underwriting.

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25 % Savings off Crash Prevention Course

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Are you a distracted driver??


With PROM and GRADUATION season upon us —

It’s important for you to educate yourself and your

children on the dangers of distracted driving.

Here are some tips to share with your

children and to keep in mind now and

throughout the year:

  • Be a role model for your children by

establishing a family policy prohibiting

texting or talking on the phone while


  • Remember that distracted driving goes beyond

talking or texting. Other forms include adjusting a

radio, CD player or iPod; using a navigation system;

talking to passengers; eating and drinking; watching

videos; grooming; and reading.

  • Take your awareness of distracted driving to the

social media universe, sharing information with

your friends, family and coworkers on Facebook,

Twitter and other websites.

  • Talk with your teens about the risks and

responsibilities of driving and the danger of dividing

their attention between a phone and the road. Make

sure they know the facts and stats related to

distracted driving.