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Happy Halloween 2016!

Wishing You and Your Family a Safe and Happy Halloween 2016 from Moynihan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Halloween Fire Safety Tips for Home


Happy Friday from Moynihan Insurance Agency, Incorporated Tel: 508-853-8080!
Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year for kids and many adults too.

For a Happy and Safe Halloween, check out these important Halloween Fire Prevention Tips…
–Pumpkins – Use a battery-operated candle or LED light to illuminate your jack-o-lanterns to avoid fire hazards
–Candles – Replace burning candles with battery-operated, no-flame candles
–Flammable Materials-Keep flammable materials at least three feet away from any heat source
–Paper bag Luminaries-Opt for flameless candles or LED lights instead
–Costumes-Wear Flame Retardant Costumes; avoid long flowing capes and fabrics; Make sure Children know how to “Stop! Drop! And roll!”; Provide flashlights or glow sticks instead of lit candles!

Have a Great weekend and happy and Safe Halloween from Moynihan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Halloween Fire Safety Tips for Home

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year for kids and many adults, too. Dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, parties, pumpkin patches, hayrides and corn mazes make for great fun and amazing memories. Unfortunately, Halloween is also associated with an increasing number of home fires and hazards that you should learn to avoid to keep your holiday more safe than scary.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, Halloween decorations are the first thing to catch fire in an estimated average of 900 home fires each year, leading to approximately $13 million in direct property damage. For a happy and fire-free Halloween, check out these important Halloween fire prevention tips from ServiceMaster Restore®.

Halloween Fire Safety: Decorations

Pumpkins. The traditional jack-o-lantern features a smiling or spooky face that’s illuminated from within by candle. However, the lit candle inside a cleaned-out pumpkin is a fire hazard. Any lit candle left unattended is a Halloween fire hazard. Besides the risk of tipping over and catching surrounding decorations or dry leaves on fire if the pumpkin is bumped or accidently kicked by excited kids, lit candles left on wooden porches can easily ignite the wood itself.

Indoors, a candle-lit pumpkin accident can ignite carpeting, wood floors, tablecloths, draperies and other materials. That’s why it’s always best to use a battery-operated candle or LED light to illuminate your jack-o-lanterns – whether they’re inside or out.

Candles. Lining your mantle, porch stairs or windowsills with lit candles can create an eerie effect for Halloween night, but this type of decorating is a fire hazard and poses a serious risk of injury to guests – especially young children visiting your home for trick-or-treating. Replace burning candles with battery-operated, no-flame candles. You’ll create the same spooky effect in a much safer way.

Flammable materials. Straw, hay bales, raffia, corn stalks and other dry materials are flammable and should be kept at least three-feet from any heat source, including fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and outdoor fire pits.

Paper bag luminaries. Often used to line a walkway or the steps leading up to a porch, paper bag luminaries are beautiful Halloween decorations, but only when displayed safely. Never use lit candles in a paper bag luminary. They can easily be knocked over by a person, animal or even the wind and cause a fire. As with your other decorations, opt for flameless candles or LED lights instead.

Halloween Fire Safety Tips: Costumes

Dressing up as a favorite character, superhero or evil villain is at the heart of Halloween. Kids (and plenty of grownups) spend weeks planning and preparing their perfect costume. Keep yourself and your children safe when dressing up on Halloween by following these basic Halloween costume safety tips:

  • Look for costumes and accessories that are labeled flame retardant.
  • Avoid long, flowing capes and fabrics that can ignite if trailed through an open flame.
  • Make sure children of all ages know how to “Stop! Drop! And roll!”
  • Never allow children to carry lit candles – provide flashlights or glow sticks instead.

Keep your family and home safe this holiday with our important Halloween fire safety tips. If a fire does occur in your home this Halloween, be prepared with a household fire safety and evacuation plan ahead of time. As always, if you find you need help after a home fire, call ServiceMaster Restore® and trust the professionals to get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

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Fire Safety Tips

Fire Prevention Week, sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), falls in October. During this week, the NFPA encourages homeowners to check their smoke alarms to ensure they are working in the event of a fire and replace smoke alarms every ten years.

FIRE SAFETY TIPS from our Friends at Service Master Dynamic Cleaning:
–Every home should have at least one working Smoke Alarm, however, installing a smoke detector on every level of your home, including the basement, and particularly near rooms where you and your loved ones sleep is a better idea!
–Have Your Home’s Central Heating System Maintained and Cleaned regularly.
–Keep Fires in the fireplace and use metal screens or tempered glass doors.
–If you use Space Heaters, select ones that have been approved by a national testing laboratory. Never Place portable heaters near flammable materials such as drapery and keep anything combustible at least three feet away!
–Consider Sprinklers for Your Home as they are affordable and they increase property values and lower insurance rates.
–Devise a family Fire Escape Plan and practice it every 6 months. Describe at least two different ways each family member can escape every room.
–Teach Your Children that Fire is a Tool, not a Toy!
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Have a great week from Moynihan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Registry News…Mass DOT Board Approves All Electronic Tolling Gantry Rates



Registry News!…
The MassDOT Board of Directors recently voted to approve rates for 16
gantry locations under the new All Electronic Tolling (AET) program
which is scheduled to “go live” on October 28, 2016.

Highlights Include:
The new gantry rates will lead to a $7.1 million decrease in revenue. However, this revenue decrease will be absorbed into the $20 million per year savings realized when the Western Turnpike bonds are paid off in
January 2017, and the approximately $5 million annual cost savings associated with AET. With the gantry rate pricing structure, all vehicles with an E-ZPassMA transponder will receive a discount.

With the gantry rate pricing structure, all vehicles with an E-ZPassMA transponder will receive a discount.Vehicles with no transponder will be mailed invoices. Under the gantry pricing, some travel on I-90 in the
area of Springfield and Worcester will be free if drivers enter and exit the road between gantries.

EZpassMA transponders are available free of charge and the MassDOT website has several steps for drivers to follow to obtain a transponder in five to seven days:
or www.massrmv.com

MassDOT anticipates that the AET system will “go live” in the evening of Friday, October 28, and that the next day, on Saturday, October 29, demolition of existing toll plazas will begin.

Read the full article via the Massachusetts Registry on our facebook page:


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Consider doing some Maintenance On Your Tires, to Keep You and Your Family Safe…

Hope that everyone enjoyed their Long Holiday Weekend!

Before the Colder weather and Snow Hits New England, Consider doing some Tire Maintenance to Keep You and Your Family Safe…

Check out the link via Preferred Mutual, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with a maintenance list on how to keep your Tires Safe!



Tips include:
–Check Tire Pressure
–Tire Thread
–Balance and Alignment
–Tire Rotation
–Tire Size

As Always, have a great week from Moynihan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Offices Closed on Monday in Observance of Columbus Day


In observance of the Columbus Day Holiday on Monday, October 10, 2016, our offices will be closed.

Wishing you and your family a Safe and Wonderful Three day Weekend from Moynihan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Drive Safely: Give Wildlife a “Brake”


DRIVE SAFELY: Give Wildlife a “Brake”

Deer and other wildlife are more likely to be crossing the roadways at this time of year. Take a look at a few ways you can prepare yourself!

-Watch for young animals, who know nothing of road dangers and often follow slowly behind Mom
-Keep an eye out for squirrels, chipmunks and other small critters along roadways
-Animals get preoccupied with life’s urgent tasks and may rush across a road without looking
-When driving at night, keep an eye out for opossums and other nocturnal animals who may enter the road

-Firsly, slow down!
-Follow Speed Limits
-Watch for Wildlife in and near the road at dawn, dusk, and in the first few hours after darkness
-Be especially cautious on two-lane roads bordered by woods or fields
-Scan the Road as you Drive
-Use highbeams whenever possible

sometimes, collisions are unavoidable…
-Do not put your own safety at risk
-Call someone with the proper training and equipment
#Tipstuesday #drivesafely #givewildlifeabrake

Have a great week from Moynihan Insurance Agency, Inc.