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How to Prepare Your Home For a Snowstorm!

With Snow Likely Falling in our Area tonight, Consider These Tips on How to Prepare Your Home For a Snowstorm!

Basic Storm Preparedness:
–Create an emergency kit including all supplies you and your family may need including: Rock salt, sand, snow shovels, heating fuel and enough clothing and blankets to keep your warm.
–Make an Emergency Communication Plan

Preparing Your Home For a Snowstorm:
–Clean up Outside
–Consider Insulating walls and weatherstripping doors and windows to make sure your home will stay warm.
–Insulate pipes so they don’t freeze
–Clear rain gutters of debris
–Sweep chimneys and have a yearly inspection done
–Have Your roof inspected

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Congratulations to our New England Patriots!!!

Congratulations to our New England Patriots!!!

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Has your Child ever Wanted to be the Next Jr. Broadcaster?

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As part of the Arbella Press Pass, the Boston Celtics are giving three lucky winners the chance to be a Jr. Broadcaster at a Celtics Home game!

To Enter:
–Watch Video and then Click link located on our facebook page and complete form.


or directly at:


 –In 500 words or less tell why you want to broadcase from a C’s game or a short video on your phone that shows them why you would like to.
–Winners Must live within 75 mile radius of Boston
–Winners must be between the ages of 8-17 years old.

Good Luck!! And have a Great week from Moynihan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Enjoy your Martin Luther King Jr. Day from Moynihan Insurance Agency, Inc.

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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”
~Martin Luther King Jr.

Enjoy your upcoming weekend and Martin Luther King Jr. Day from Moynihan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Tips for Safety During a Storm

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Tips for Keeping You and Your Family Safe During a Storm with Power Outages…Check out these Suggestions and Tips via Arbella from Massachusetts Electric!


If you Loose Power in Your Home or Apartment:

–Disconnect Sensitive Appliances
–Leave a Light Switch on that will let you know when Power is back on.
–Keep Refrigerator and Freezer Doors Shut to help Food from Spoiling.
–Use Generators safely
–Consider Checking on Others Who May need Your Help
–If Home has Flooded, Check with Electrician before turning anything on
–If You anticipate an Extended Outage, Consider moving to an Alternate Location
–Consider All Downed Wires to be Energized and Dangerous! To Report Downed Electric Wires, please call 1-800-465-1212
–Use Portable Safety Heaters with Caution

For more safety tips visit:

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Ice Dams

Happy New Year #2017 from Moynihan Insurance Agency, Inc.

With Winter, comes possible problems with Ice Dams and Your Home.

Check out these ideas from Arbella..on How to Prevent and/or Deal with Ice Dams…

Do you know what an ice dam can do to your home? An ice dam can do serious damage to both your roof and the inside of your house. It can also destroy your gutters and downspouts. If the ice dam breaks free, it can pull shingles and gutters off with it, and can damage anything it falls on like shrubs, windowsills, cars, pets, and people! And, if the roof sheathing stays
wet, mildew can form and rot the sheathing. Not good.

Ice dams happen when water from melting snow runs
down the surface of your roof and refreezes. As the cycle
of freezing and melting continues, ice builds up and begins
to “dam.” Sometimes the pooled water finds its way under
shingles and refreezes, lifting the shingles from the roof
deck and creating a spot for water to enter your house.

The time to prevent ice dams is before the weather
gets bad. A qualified contractor can help by:
-Sealing all points where warm air leaks from the living space
into the attic.
-Insulating the attic space well enough to prevent conduction
and convection of heat through the ceilings in the living space.
-Installation of proper ventilation in the attic to include soffit
ventilation and ridge ventilation to ensure heat that does
sneak into the attic is carried away.
**Cleaning out your gutters, being prepared, sealing air
leaks, insulating your attic, and properly venting your attic
space can save you money and headaches when the cold
air descends. Your contractor can recommend the best
options to insulate and seal your attic space—and present
the best way to get rid of any warm air that sneaks into
your attic. It’s a one-two punch to winter’s wrath!

Before the first flake:
-After the leaves have fallen, have your gutters cleaned so
that when it snows, it will melt and go down the gutter like
it’s supposed to.
-Buy a roof rake before they sell out (and avoid paying
top dollar!).

After a lot of flakes:
-Keep gutters clear of snow, including the bottom of the
downspouts so that when snow melts the water flows freely.
-Use your roof rake to remove snow from the roof and gutter
line. Danger: Be aware of electrical wiring!
Some people remove the bottom section of downspouts so
that they don’t get clogged and back up if they are buried
in the snow!

-Use a melting agent like calcium chloride—available at your
local hardware store. Do not use rock salt! Rock salt can
damage paint, “drain” pipes, and plants beneath the eaves—
wherever the salty water drains. As always, when dealing
with any chemicals, be mindful of children and pets!

Helpful hint: To make a pathway for the water to drain,
take a leg from an old pair of panty hose, fill with calcium
chloride, tie it off, and lay it vertically across the ice dam.
This will slowly melt its way through the ice dam, clearing
a path for the melted water underneath.
-If you have to chip the ice away, never use an axe, blowtorch,
or hammer (or anything that may damage the shingles)
and again, always be mindful of the location of all electric
wiring. Use a ladder to access the area and have a partner
hold the ladder steady—watch for falling icicles!
-As always, if you think the situation is unsafe or dangerous,
consider hiring a licensed and insured contractor to complete
the work.

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