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Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

The Registry of Motor Vehicles FasTrack self-service kiosks allow eligible customers to skip the Registry line and renew their license or ID card or request a duplicate license/ID on their own in less than four minutes!

FasTrack service is currently available at Boston’s Haymarket branch as well as branches in Worcester, Springfield, Watertown, Brockton, Plymouth, Wilmington and South Yarmouth.

Customers will still need to go to a counter if they require an eye test, are 75 years of age or older, are receiving their first license or have any outstanding financial obligations. The FasTrack process is quick and easy:
• Eligible customers take their own photo using FasTrack.
• Customers using FasTrack should read each question carefully; an unintended answer may stop the transaction.
(When the kiosk prompts that it is time to take a photo, step
back to the yellow footprints on the floor. Customers will
need to remove glasses, hats and head coverings.
• Payment is required via a debit or credit card.
• FasTrack prints a temporary credential just as the RMV does
following counter service, and the permanent license or ID
will be sent to the customer’s address on record.
You can check out details in the new video FasTrack Self-Service on