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RMV Announces Grace Period for December Registration Renewals

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****RMV Announces Grace Period for December Registration Renewals*****

Registry News
Due to a mailing issue, the RMV is still renewing registrations that expire in December. If your clients‘ December renewal has been delayed, they may still be eligible to renew online (assuming that no insurance stamp is required). When a registration is renewed online, the registrant receives an email confirmation of the renewal which must be carried in the vehicle until the new registration and decal are received. The registrant will not be charged twice. ALARS will not permit the renewal check to be applied because the registration is already renewed. As a result, the check will be returned uncashed.

The RMV has advised us that the majority of registration renewal applications for November and December registrations have been processed, and customers should expect to receive their Certificate of Registration and expiration decal by January 15, 2016.

The RMV has asked law enforcement to recognize a grace period (through January 15, 2016) for customers falling into this category.

There are also a number of incomplete applications that were submitted that are in the process of being returned to customers for completion. For example, the registration application was submitted without a check, the proper payment amount, proof of insurance, or proof of heavy vehicle use tax payment (Form 2290).
Customers can check the status of their registration online by selecting: Registration Inquiry.

Once Again, wishing you a very Happy New Year from Moynihan Insurance Agency, Inc.