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Time For Some Arctic Air to Roll Through New England…for Valentine’s Day Weekend…

Time For Some Arctic Air to Roll Through New England…for Valentine’s Day Weekend…

Here are Some Tips from Arbella Mutual Insurance to Deal With the Frigid Temps!!

Warm up the house!
I can feel it coming in the air tonight
Valentine’s Day is coming up, and our hearts may be warm but the air will be cold! This weekend, forecasters anticipate frigid temperatures throughout the Northeast beginning Friday night and lasting until Monday. That means potential subzero lows that could lead to frozen pipes, which is enough to ruin any romantic weekend.

Getting out of Dodge?
Planning a warm-weather getaway with your family for winter vacation? While you’re soaking up the sun, you may be leaving your home vulnerable to the cold. Nothing ruins a great vacation like coming home to a disaster. So before you head to the beaches, here are a few tips to help safeguard against frozen pipes.

Prevention is the best medicine
• Turn up the heat! Set the thermostat to the same temperature day and night.
• Open the kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate around plumbing.
• If you have an attached garage, keep the doors shut. Wind and cold air drafts increase the likelihood of a frozen pipe.
• If you are going away, shut off the water supply line to your washing machine.
• Drain and shut off all outside spigots.
• Have someone check on the house. Once the ice melts and the temperatures rise, the water will start to flow. Mark the shut off to the main water supply line so it can be easily identified.

How about some good news?
It’s not all bad! The cold temps should be short lived and roll out by Monday, which is fine by us! Then it’s ‪#‎only18moreweekstillsummer‬. And rest assured, if you do experience a frozen pipe in your home, Arbella has your back. –

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